Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Reading Questions and Answers

1) After reading Oedipus the King by Sophocles I believe that Oedipus had no control over his fate.  The definition of fate is the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.  In the book Oedipus was ignorant to the fact that he was adopted.  When he found out his fate after visiting the oracle and decided to try to avoid it by fleeing town.  Little did he know this was only part of the "big picture".  In the movie Minority Report Tom Cruise tried to avoid his destiny by fleeing town as well.  Both him and Oedipus are both strong, intelligent men, but nothing is stronger than fate.  Fate decides itself and this was something both Tom Cruise and Oedipus had no control over.  On page 153 of Oedipus the King it says "One freedom is allowed him: The freedom to search for the truth, the truth about the prophecies, about the gods, about himself."  This means that everything else is predetermined.  As much as Oedipus would have liked to change his fate he couldn't of and instead he spent his life searching for it which in the end was part of his destiny.

2) Oedipus is a great ruler for the most part.  He was dedicated to the interests and the needs of the city.  He was a man of action and saved his people from plague.  He was able to make swift decisions  when necessary and was also very intelligent.  Although Oedipus was a great ruler he did have some flaws.  He only listened to his own opinion and listened to the gods and prophecy too much.

3) Oedipus's tragic mistake is that he did not listen to other people and made quick decisions without second thought.  Oedipus also could not come to believe that he was the one in the prophecy to kill Laius and when he found out it was him he was in shock.

4) In the movie Minority Report three "non-human like" people determine peoples fate through dreams.  The fate is never wrong and therefore everyone listens to it without question just like people 
from King Oedipus did with the oracle.  In the movie John Anderton is given a fate of murdering someone and he wants to escape it.  Therefore he flees to try to change his fate just like Oedipus does when he finds out his fate that he will kill his father.  In both cases they fail at changing their fate.  This is because fate cannot be changed by humans.  The most powerful things in both the movie and the play are fate and truth.  Both Oedipus and John are searching for the truth in their lives and the fate that follows.  

5) In the movie Minority Report eyes play an important role throughout the film.  The Precogs use their eyes to see the past and the future, but seem to shutout the present.  John Anderton who is the main character in the movie uses his eyes to change his identity.  Since the film is based in a time period of 2054 technology surrounds him that can scan and identify him by his eye balls.  He uses his eyes not only to see the present but also for disguise purposes.  In the film he trades in his eyes for a new pair to avoid the fate that the Precogs dreamt for him.  The film will be valued and noticed for years to come because of the focus on the past, present and future.  The idea of time and fate will never lose its value.  This movie brings attention to what our future could be like and how much privacy each person could get.  Is it an invasion of privacy to be able to scan peoples eyes in public places to identify them?  In my opinion I think it would be an invasion of privacy.  It would also scare me! 

6)  In the movie the Minority Report technology plays a huge role in the day to day life of 2054.  Everyday in our world technology is growing and changing our way of life.  Daily activities are now being done on computers, ipads, iphones, etc.  Apple products are improving and being made worldwide that is making our day to day life tasks faster.  We also have a dangerous competition when it comes to technology.  Many countries are working hard to improve their technology in warfare.  Many countries are preparing for future wars to defend ourselves by creating bombs and other weaponry.  This can cause other countries to stress when they find out America is producing atomic bombs and they try to do the same.  In return this can determine our fate.  Another World War?  Atomic Bombing?  Technology is not always making life easier, but sometimes it makes life more complex.