Wednesday, November 20, 2013

McCarthy's Apocalyptic World

In this novel, McCarthy creates a world after the apocalypse by using many fragments and similes to describe the dark world the father and son live in.  On page one it says "Nights dark beyond darkness and the days more gray each one than what had gone before.  Like the onset of some cold glaucoma dimming away the world."  This is a very interesting way to open up the story because it goes right into talking about how dark and gray the world after the apocalypse is.  The next line compares the world to glaucoma dimming away the world.  This is a very interesting way of explaining how the world they used to know is slowly losing everything.  On page two it says "With the first gray light he rose and left the boy sleeping and walked out to the road and squatted and studied the country to the south.  Barren, silent, godless."  Throughout the novel McCarthy uses many fragments to describe the literal world that the two people are living in.  This quotes fragment emphasizes how empty the world after the apocalypse is  by using words like godless and barren.  McCarthy does a really good job giving the reader a clear image of how horrible the new world is by using fragments to describe the literal world he is creating.  When creating the book McCarthy had to consider descriptions that would emphasize how hard it is to survive.  Instead of using sentences that made that obvious he chose to make the story more interesting.  He used fragments and a reoccurring image of an empty road.  The road that is brought up on almost every page helps the reader understand how it is the only thing that the father and son have left from civilization.  The road is described as being empty and gray.  This gives the reader an image of loneliness.  Overall, McCarthy describes the literal world by using fragments and similes.  He repetitively describes the world he has created as being gray and empty which reminds the reader how awful the new world must be.  The repetitive use of the description gray and black remind the reader of how dark the world is.  McCarthy is an author that is not afraid to repeat things he has already written.  Therefore, we keep getting reminded of how barren the world he has created is by the use of his fragments.

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  1. Charlotte, some good examples here, but you don't offer any explanations of connotations: glaucoma, dimming, etc.