Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pages 1-31

 The father brings his son to revisit his old house. (26)
 "..he read old newspapers while the boy slept.  The curious news." (28)

In both of these passages the father chooses to revisit the past.  He clearly misses how things used to be therefore he uses objects to remind him of how good the world used to be.  Memory is valued a lot in the book and this parallel shows how America used to be and how big parts of civilization have been forgotten.  When the father and his son visited his old house he remembered memories of Christmas and where he used to sleep.  In the new world that the father and son are trying to survive in there are no holidays or a place to call their bedroom.  They are always on the move and fighting for survival.  The old newspapers and the fathers old house were both used in triggering old memories.  This is a parallel that shows how America has changed and the two objects are now only memories and not reality.

  "No one traveled on this road.  No road-agents, no marauders." (16)
"He kept constant watch behind him in the mirror.  The only thing that moved in the streets was the blowing ash." (24)

This is a contrast because the father is constantly looking in his mirror for safety, but repetitively does not see anything.  In the book the father and the son are the only people we have seen alive in the book thus far.  In many passages it describes the earth as being barren, dark and filled with ash.  It also talks about how empty the road is.  The father knows that they do not have any company, but the author decides to use this contrast because he wants to emphasize how much the father cares about his sons safety.  He is so paranoid about someone hurting his son that he continuously looks back just to ensure his sons well being.  It also makes the reader question what encounters he has had during the apocalypse that we do not know about to give him this fear.  The contrast also shows that he is a cautious father because he is the only one on the road, but wants the reassurance by peering through the mirror attached to his cart.

Do you think it is a necessity to have goals for survival?
What past experiences do we not know about that the father has experienced to make him so paranoid about running into other people?

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