Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pages 53-72

 "Eyes collard in cups of grime and deeply sunk.  Like an animal inside a skull looking out the eyeholes." (63)
       "The boy was so frail and thin through his coat, shivering like a dog." (67)

This is a parallel because it describes people like they are animals.  This is interesting because in the new world after the apocalypse a lot of human behaviors were forgotten.  People were dehumanized and had a survival of the fittest mentality.  The stranger they run into is described as looking like an animal inside a skull looking out the eyeholes.  Personally I think this describes him as being in a predator v.s. prey situation.  In the other passage the young boy is described as shivering like a dog.  This parallels to the other simile because the boy is also being described like he is an animal.  In many ways the new world they are forced to live in does dehumanize them and they are forced to live off the land just like animals do.

 " For the love of God, woman." (58)
" mother:  We used to talk about death, she said.  We don't anymore.  Why is that?
father: I don't know
mother:  It's because it's here.  There's nothing left to talk about.
father:  I wouldn't leave you.
mother:  I don't care.  It's meaningless.  You can think of me as a faithless slut if you like.  I've taken a new lover.  He can give me what you cannot." (56-57)

This compares the opinion of the husband and the wife.  The wife does not believe in a God anymore and wants to die, but the husband thinks this is not the right way.  He thinks there is still a God out there and that is why he says "  For the love of God woman."  The woman says that she found a new lover which is death, but the husband does not agree with this.  The wife personifies death in this section.  She does not think the world makes sense anymore and therefore takes her own life.  The two sections are a contrast because is compares the difference of beliefs between the husband and the wife.  If there was an apocalypse and the world was filled with chaos and destruction it would be hard to still believe in God.  The husband shows that it is still possible, but sadly the wife loses all hope.    

Do you think the wife killed herself to help her husband and son stay alive?
Why didn't the son keep the mom alive like it did for the dad?

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  1. nice job on parallels and contrasts thus far. great second question here. take care to avoid Y/N questions.