Wednesday, November 20, 2013

People Remember so That They can Forget

    "There is no past.  What would you like?  But he stopped making things up because those things were not true either and the telling made him feel bad."  (54)  In our world people are able to revisit the past through objects and other peoples stories.  In the book the apocalypse turned the world into a dark, ashy place with barely anything left to spark memories of their old lives.  When the father says that there is no past he means that the world they are living in is so different that past memories are now just fantasies of things he will never experience again.  Throughout the story his son has asked him to tell stories.  People tell stories to forget the bad reality.  In the book The Road I believe that the father and his son need memories to keep them alive.  The child is too young to have a lot of memories of the past world and therefore needs stories to "relive" these happy times.  The memories of the old world keep stability for the father.  The reason he still believes in God is because of the good memories from the past.  On page 26 the father revisited his old house and remembered things like where the Christmas stockings used to be and where his bedroom was.  This is one example of how the story uses places to trigger old memories for the father.  After a while you would think that the father and his son would forget everything from the past world after living so long in the lonely world they live in now.  Memory is used frequently throughout the book because if they loose their ability to remember old times it takes away the hope of them being able to live like that again.  In the book the memories give them hope and help the two survive.    

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  1. Interesting ideas on memory here. Careful saying things like "the story uses places to trigger old memories" instead of saying places trigger the man's memories. Such locations cannot trigger memories for the boy since he has no knowledge of life before the apocalypse. Maybe this is why the father calls his son an "alien" throughout the book?