Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Post Apocalyptic World Viewed Through a Film Scene

In the novel, the gray, new world is described as being empty and filled with ash.  If I were to construct a movie scene to show how the new world is after the apocalypse I would use a setting of an empty highway.  Highways are usually filled with people in cars so I would take all that away to show how empty the world has become.  I would also sprinkle gray ashes over everything like it describes in the novel.  My setting would also have burned down trees and houses on the side of the road to show how everything in human civilization is gone.  The lighting of this scene would be dark and smokey, but in the distance there would be some light shining down the road to show that the road is going to make several appearances in the movie.  The sky would be a dark gray and the light shining down the road would be very dim due to the sun being hidden behind by the gray sky.  The costumes that I would chose the father and son to wear would be blue jeans and pastel colored T-shirts.  I would do this because it is a plain outfit that fits well into the scene.  It reminds the viewer that there is very little color in the new world after the apocalypse.  The book also repetitively brings up the father and sons parkas so I would have them wearing parkas unzipped over their shirts.  For this scenes make-up I would rub gray ash on their faces and arms.  I would then add a few small scars to both the father and son to show that they have been through a lot.  The father and sons hair would be shaggy and long because they do not have a knife to cut it.  The father would also have a messy beard.  The long hair and unshaved beard would show how long they have been stuck living in the horrible new world.  It would also teach the reader that there is very little resources still left on earth.  Finally the characters would be slowly walking down the side of the road.  The father would be carrying the son on his back to show how tired the son was.  They would also be pushing a shopping cart filled with blankets,toys and food.  I would add some diagenic noise to the scene by adding a rickety sound of the shopping cart because it is the only thing they can hear for miles.  All these elements together play a part in describing what is going on in the film to the viewer.  The new world is empty and filled with ash.  The scene has to show that by adding no civilization besides the father and his son.              


  1. Some good ideas here, Char., but you offer no reference to a camera. that's what I hoped you would think about in filming a scene from The Road.

  2. Charlotte -- No final Road responses? No post on framing, rule of thirds?

    1. I have all of them done, but they are in my notebook? Do I still need to add them to the blog? Let me know :)