Monday, January 13, 2014


In this picture notice how the Kuna Indian Villagers are in the left corner.  They are in very colorful clothing and are positioned bottom left so  viewers focus there first.  Since the main focus is in the left corner the rest of this wide shot is green grass and mountains.

This photo that was also taken on my trip in Panama focuses on the blue cooler in the bottom left corner.  The rest of this image is filled with sand and palm trees, but the placement of the blue cooler in the bottom left corner makes it the focus of this wide shot.

This picture from my Panama trip is a picture of a Coca-Cola sign.  The sign is old and faded.  When I took this picture I purposely shot it so that the sign would be in the bottom left corner.  Using the rule of thirds I made it so that the viewer knows that the Coca-Cola sign is the focus of the shot because the rest of the image is of a blue and white house.

This photo is after the big snow storm over winter break.  I purposely took this shot so that Ally would be in the right corner and piles of snow would be towards the bottom right and left corners.  This focuses on my friend Ally and helps emphasize how much snow there was on her car.  The snow covers half the shot making it an important focus in this picture.

This frame is meant so that the focus is on me shoveling the ice rink.  Once again using the rule of thirds I am in the left corner of the shot which leaves the middle filled with white snow.  This makes it so that the viewer focuses more on the left and right corner of the people shoveling rather than the empty white snow in the middle of the shot.